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Adatto a vegetariani e vegani

More attention to people. Optima Naturals has been present in the phytotherapeutic market with the Heart of Pomegranate Line since 10 years and has decided to certify the Line GLUTEN-FREE AND LACTOSE-free.
A line, a therapy, gluten-free and lactose-free that responds to the needs of people with celiac disease and allergic or intolerant to lactose or gluten. A need for greater attention to people. In the market the requests for totally vegetable products are more and more frequent.
Heart of Pomegranate Heart is a totally vegetable line that does not include any ingredient of animal origin.


Optima Naturals

Optima Naturals ensures product quality through the application of philosophy GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and maintaining an ISO certified quality system. All the products of the Cuore Linea di Melograno® are made with the utmost attention to the quality of the ingredients and to the production processes.

The manufacturing plants operate under strict GMP quality system, and have been inspected and controlled by independent third parties. Each production process is monitored and documented with complete traceability.


Are a series of rules concerning the production phase, the quality of both the ingredients used for the formulation and the finished product and therefore the control of the effectiveness of the same. Every process of the production activity and every operation attached to it must be documented.

Uni ISO 9001

It is a certification that imposes strict production standards to ensure consumers greater safety, consistency and high quality. The production facilities that collaborate with Optima Naturals have been set up with the most advanced technologies to assure customers and consumers of innovative products of constant and exceptional quality.